My Yeolume Podo: Joan

Guess who is finally ready for their very first photo shoot!


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Sewing for Disney Animator’s Collection Dolls


Santa brought my daughter a new Tinkerbell doll for Christmas. ^.^ But she cannot sleep comfortably in her frilly dress and hard plastic wings. So, I have been sewing all day, her new wardrobe. I think that I’m addicted.


We made this cute dress with this pattern from Mekkotehdas.  It did come out okay but I’m sure that I must have printed the pattern too small and embarrassingly sewed the bodice on backwards (p_q)

I  drafted the shirt and legging patterns previously for my Strawberry Shortcake.  We found out that these two girls wear the same size clothing . The sewing is so much easier at this scale then for Pullip and Blythe!


Almost all of the pieces of fabric came from my daughters old baby clothes.  I save the most special pieces to re purpose.  I loved the tiny buttons on this pair of leggings so I saved them when I made the leggings for the doll.


Lastly, I made this jeggings from new fabric.  Every doll deserves a pair of jeggings (★^O^★)


All of the finished products … for now ;)